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Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Your Virtual Assistant will be the Key to your Success.

I just read a great post on Linkein, about Richard Branson's assistant Helen.

In the article Richard says that Helen is his other brain.. his memory.  Smartphones and tablets, calendars and reminders are great.  They help all busy entrepreneurs, employees and even stay at home moms.  We all benefit from having one or more of those gadgets that get us through the day. 

Remember the days before them though?

Then it was just your assistant or secretary and her typewriter and telephone.  You later added a telefax machine, a photocopier and then a computer.

Helen has my dream job!  Yes, when I finished high school (back in the early 80's) I used to dream about becoming one of those secretaries that traveled around the world with their sophisticated employers.   

Cary Grant, Louis Jourdan or even Clifton Webb.  My dream employer would be a world-class writer, an international business man, or even a charming and handsome prince.

I would screen all his calls, type all his letters, arrange all his travel. I would be indispensable I would accompany him to all his meetings and social events and meet other amazing people.

The movie Three Coins in a Fountain comes to mind.  :-)

The world has changed, but a need for a right-hand 'person', a human being, has not!  All successful business owners have amazing assistants.  Whether they are an Admin Assistant, an Executive Secretary, an Office Manager or a Virtual Assistant.

My goal is to become the right hand of a busy entrepreneur who is looking for someone special to become their 'memory'.  I succeed when you succeed.

Jen :)