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Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Your Virtual Assistant will be the Key to your Success.

I just read a great post on Linkein, about Richard Branson's assistant Helen.

In the article Richard says that Helen is his other brain.. his memory.  Smartphones and tablets, calendars and reminders are great.  They help all busy entrepreneurs, employees and even stay at home moms.  We all benefit from having one or more of those gadgets that get us through the day. 

Remember the days before them though?

Then it was just your assistant or secretary and her typewriter and telephone.  You later added a telefax machine, a photocopier and then a computer.

Helen has my dream job!  Yes, when I finished high school (back in the early 80's) I used to dream about becoming one of those secretaries that traveled around the world with their sophisticated employers.   

Cary Grant, Louis Jourdan or even Clifton Webb.  My dream employer would be a world-class writer, an international business man, or even a charming and handsome prince.

I would screen all his calls, type all his letters, arrange all his travel. I would be indispensable I would accompany him to all his meetings and social events and meet other amazing people.

The movie Three Coins in a Fountain comes to mind.  :-)

The world has changed, but a need for a right-hand 'person', a human being, has not!  All successful business owners have amazing assistants.  Whether they are an Admin Assistant, an Executive Secretary, an Office Manager or a Virtual Assistant.

My goal is to become the right hand of a busy entrepreneur who is looking for someone special to become their 'memory'.  I succeed when you succeed.

Jen :)

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Quick... Get Rich!

Or is it, Get Rich Quick?

Now that I am online all day (and night) I keep running into people 'selling' concepts on how to work little and make millions... or in other words, Get Rich Quick.

Honestly, my head is spinning.  I Do NOT like sneaky! They peak your interest by not blatantly advertising the 'get rich quick' theme... but offer something 'different, and it is enough that you will  watch their videos, sometimes right to the end... and then it's the pitch.

I'd like to believe that some of these people are real, and truly believe that they have the answers on how to change my life.  That would be really cool, eh?  However, the minute you tell me that I am going to make it big, and don't even have to work hard - well, then you have lost me!

First of all, I love working hard.  It makes me feel really good.  Second, I never, ever want to take advantage of anyone.  Do not do unto others... 

Certainly, I want to be successful. It is my goal! But I will do it the old fashioned way.  This doesn't mean that I have any desire to slog it out working 80 hours a week for minimum wage... but it means paying my dues and learning my lessons.  I consider myself a bit of a human sponge, so I am happy to listen to someone who actually speaks to ME. Talks my language. 


I am curious, have you fallen for any of the new 'Get Rich Quick' schemes out there, or do you work with a Mentor and someone you trust to be 'real' with you and to give you honest feedback?  

Let me know.

Cheers all, have a super night!

Jen :) 

Monday, February 18, 2013

News Release

I finally finished my News Release.  Here it is:


February 18, 2013

Jen Shea VA

My Job is a Virtual Reality.   

Small business owners, could you be spending more time generating new business? Are admin or social media tasks filling up your networking and sales time?

An enterprising Ottawa, (Ontario) area woman has recently launched a business perfect for the technological age:   Virtual Administrative Consultant ~ more commonly known as a Virtual Assistant.

Jen Shea recently started her business, after working in office administration for more than 20 years.

“Just like a traditional personal assistant, I handle a wide variety of tasks using today’s technology.  The only thing I can’t do is get your coffee.   My tag line is 'Your Virtual Collaborator'.  I want to work with people who are building and growing their businesses and I feel very strongly about developing a relationship based on trust and compatibility.”

“I specialize in creating & maintaining websites using Wordpress, and also in desktop publishing, client services and social media set up, and other time-saving administrative tasks.”

With software programs such as Skype, email, e-fax and secure file sharing sites (for example Dropbox) almost anything can be done virtually. 

Small business owners can hire a ‘VA’ to keep costs down.  A VA is a self-employed contractor, not an employee, so you don’t have the expense of overhead costs such as office space, equipment and computers, etc. 

The most appealing part of outsourcing to a VA is that the client is only billed for the actual time spent working on that particular task or project. 

 “We are always furthering our skills and perfecting our techniques so that we can deliver superior work.  My clients do not pay me when I go on a personal appointment, take a holiday, or get sick.  Virtual Assistants are only paid for time actually worked”, offers Ms. Shea.
“You would be amazed at how much it costs to hire a full-time, or even a part time, employee.”
Ms Shea explains that some clients hire her to do one-time projects and others work with her on a retainer basis.  You can hire her to work a couple of hours a day, a few hours a week, or several hours a month.   

“Every client is unique and so are their needs.  After our initial discussion, a plan is put in place and a contract is signed.  Adjustments can easily be made along the way.”

Ms. Shea also works with a team of other VAs with specialties of their own and this enables her to offer a ‘Total Client Experience’.  The client doesn’t have to spend precious time looking for different VAs because she can do that for you.  “I only work with VAs who share my work ethics and whatever your need is, I have an expert who can make it happen”, she explains.

Contact Jen at to set up a free consultation.  You can also visit her website at for details on services, packages and rates.

Saturday, February 16, 2013


It has been about a week since I have been here... at my blog.  I've thought about it often, but for one reason and then another, I didn't write anything. 

I have called this 'Reflection' because I have been doing a lot of that this week.  Yes, it was Valentine's day week, and I thought about the last 8 valentines before this one...  the ones that I had someone to share it with.  Life continually moves on, and so do I.  

This week though there were 3 deaths.  

The first was expected (the father of my roommate's good friend, after a valiant fight with cancer).

The second, which touched my heart, was the brother-in-law of a friend of mine... unexpected. Even though she was in the middle of a move to another state, her first priority was to get to her sister as quickly as possible.

The third, affects me more personally.  Our Aunt Noonie.  Noonie, who's real name is Margaret, was everyone's Aunt... she was everyone's Mother, Sister, Friend, Counselor.  She was teacher and disciplinarian.  

Noonie is my ex-husband's Aunt.  She worked at the hospital, in Long Branch NJ, where my daughter was born.  All the Auntie's were so excited about my pregnancy because Amber was the first 'Grand' baby coming into the Shuler family in Long Branch.  After Amber was born, Noonie, was at the hospital every minute (so it seemed) and she made sure we had the very best care.  When it came time to bring my tiny daughter home... she insisted on driving.  Amber was too small to fit in the infant car seat, and so I had to hold her in my arms for the less than 10 minute drive.

Noonie was the Matriarch of the Shuler family.  She lived in the house that her father owned... the family home.  Everyone's home.  She had an open-door policy and every kid in the neighbourhood knew it.  So did their parents.  Amber wasn't the only baby that Noonie watched out for either.  I am willing to bet there were dozens... not only family.

I am grateful that I saw her the last couple of times I as home to NJ.  We really are going to miss you Auntie.   Thank you for blessing my life, my daughter's and so many others.  I'm certain it will be standing room only on Saturday.  Rest In Peace, you deserve it.  Love you xo