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Saturday, February 16, 2013


It has been about a week since I have been here... at my blog.  I've thought about it often, but for one reason and then another, I didn't write anything. 

I have called this 'Reflection' because I have been doing a lot of that this week.  Yes, it was Valentine's day week, and I thought about the last 8 valentines before this one...  the ones that I had someone to share it with.  Life continually moves on, and so do I.  

This week though there were 3 deaths.  

The first was expected (the father of my roommate's good friend, after a valiant fight with cancer).

The second, which touched my heart, was the brother-in-law of a friend of mine... unexpected. Even though she was in the middle of a move to another state, her first priority was to get to her sister as quickly as possible.

The third, affects me more personally.  Our Aunt Noonie.  Noonie, who's real name is Margaret, was everyone's Aunt... she was everyone's Mother, Sister, Friend, Counselor.  She was teacher and disciplinarian.  

Noonie is my ex-husband's Aunt.  She worked at the hospital, in Long Branch NJ, where my daughter was born.  All the Auntie's were so excited about my pregnancy because Amber was the first 'Grand' baby coming into the Shuler family in Long Branch.  After Amber was born, Noonie, was at the hospital every minute (so it seemed) and she made sure we had the very best care.  When it came time to bring my tiny daughter home... she insisted on driving.  Amber was too small to fit in the infant car seat, and so I had to hold her in my arms for the less than 10 minute drive.

Noonie was the Matriarch of the Shuler family.  She lived in the house that her father owned... the family home.  Everyone's home.  She had an open-door policy and every kid in the neighbourhood knew it.  So did their parents.  Amber wasn't the only baby that Noonie watched out for either.  I am willing to bet there were dozens... not only family.

I am grateful that I saw her the last couple of times I as home to NJ.  We really are going to miss you Auntie.   Thank you for blessing my life, my daughter's and so many others.  I'm certain it will be standing room only on Saturday.  Rest In Peace, you deserve it.  Love you xo


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